13 Ekim 2010 Çarşamba

the most unnecessary one.

i thought you were lying. i still do sometimes. but this one is not about you. nothing is about you anymore. it just make me sad. the old photos, lost memories of mine. you're part of it. but it's more like you were . i know that nothing about you is actually you anymore. and nothing anyone knows about me is actually me. and this one ,baby this one is strictly me. you know why? because you are not my part of me anymore. my pain is part of me, my loss, my mistakes, my effords, my apologies, mine. you were not even at the receiving end of the line. this one is not even something i wanted to write. because you are not someone even that i think about anymore. i made a mistake today. i listened to the wrong songs. i clicked at the wrong places. it's just remembering. it's not pain anymore. you're not my pain. you're not my loss. my loss is the shiny colors i had over my memories. is a bunch of phone calls. is a few laughs. and it is it. because you were it. and nothing more. haven't you got it yet baby? it was always me.

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